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Choosing a diamond engagement ring is one of the most challenging endeavors for a couple. The option of picking through a parcel of loose diamonds for your engagement ring is very exciting for couples. Diamonds can be a man's best friend.too. Don't overlook the option of asking your diamond professional to bring in loose diamonds to view for your customized diamond engagement ring. You will notice that diamond engagement rings are usually customized per customer, according to fashion sense, value, and quality.

The Flawless Diamond

Once upon a time there was a diamond who grew up in a family of loose diamonds which belonged to a diamond dealer. His name was Flawless, and thus was called Flawless diamond. Now, flawless diamond was far more beautiful and radiant than the other loose diamonds in the diamond dealers diamond parcel. Flawless diamond stood out like a bright star in a moonlit night sky. Flawless diamond's dream was to one day find a permanent home in a beautiful engagement ring. Flawless diamond shared this dream with the other loose diamonds in the diamond dealers parcel. Flawless diamond could only dream that one day his diamond dealer will find him a beautiful engagement ring to which he can call home.... to be continued.

Part 2

One day Flawless Diamond went on a trip with his loose diamond friends with their owner Mr. Diamond Dealer. Now, Mr. Diamond Dealer had a very important client who had a store in the infamous 47th st. diamond district in New York City. The diamond district is the place where every Diamond dreams of being one day, this was the big stage in the heart of every Diamond all over the world. Could this be the big day when Flawless Diamond finds a home for himself? Well, not only Flawless Diamond, but all his other loose diamond friends were thinking the same exact thing.They all wanted to find a loving home where they would be cherished and admired the way a diamond should be treasured.

All the diamonds, but primarily flawless diamond were all getting jittery and anxious for their big moment. They realized that their time to shine was quickly approaching,and they could not help but sweat from their nervousness. Flawless diamond told all his diamond friends to stop worrying because the sweat from their worry would show, and would take away from their glittering brilliance. So all the diamonds looked at their reflections in each others facets which are like mirrors. They all said to each other,'wow, we are sure lucky to be diamonds and to be this brilliant. I just wish that people would love us more, because we are diamonds, #10 in hardness, because we are so resilient.'

Flawless diamond and all the other diamonds could now hear their diamond dealer speaking to his client. They all said to get ready, because Mr. Diamond dealer is about to open our parcel and show us to his customer. Flawless diamond said to the others,"Be ready, and not sweaty, good luck to all...... to be continued

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All Watches Have a Full Manufacturers Warranty and Come with Original Box and Papers
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